Coaching and Private Sessions

Erika’s students and clients have always spanned a diverse population. They’ve included  dancers, actors, vocalists, and athletes,  those who are suffering from illness or injury as well as folks who simply desire less stress and want to feel more at home in their bodies.  The core of my work is a unique blend of hands-on techniques, movement analysis, re-patterning and therapeutic exercise. Along with effecting deep physical change my primary goal is to guide students toward a new Body/Mind relationship. Gentle non-invasive touch and verbal suggestions encourage a shift in awareness, which in turn helps to facilitate the healing or re-patterning of habitual responses.

 My current work is especially focused in two areas dear to my heart; Providing individual training and coaching in the somatic work (particularly of Body-Mind Centering®) for performing artists and supporting embodied meditation instruction for meditators of all traditions. I offer both online and in-person individual coaching in both of these area’s.

 Contact Erika for further information on how to schedule a private session either online or in-person at