Erika’s Book

Sitting is a handbook for deepening your experience of the ancient posture of sitting meditation.  Drawing on research in somatic education and experiential anatomy, many guided exercises offer you imagery you can use to release tension and stress, contemplations to increase your body awareness, tis for making gravity work for you rather than against you, physical and energetic methods for relating with the systems in your body—including ways to bring your new awareness into daily life.

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“This book is for anyone who wants to sit with ease, presence, and vitality. If you are just beginning your search into quiet sitting, Erika offers basic guidelines to direct you on your path. If you are already immersed in the deep practice of contemplative sitting, she opens the way to subtleties of consciousness through embodying your body systems. This is a gem of a book.” 

 Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body-MInd Centering(R)