Meditation & Embodiment

Erika has presented workshops in embodiment for meditators for over thirty years.  Her workshop “Sitting: the Physical Art of Meditation” based on her book of the same title has been presented at meditation centers throughout the US. She also holds regular online courses in “Somatic Meditation” and continues to offer instruction individually as well.

The Physical Art of Sitting: Experiential Anatomy and the Posture of Meditation

This is a two-part workshop that offers practical instruction on how to release habitual patterns of tension and relax more fully into the meditation posture. Principles of physical alignment, basic anatomy, simple exercises and imagery will be utilized.

Level 1 introduces you to the basic anatomy and skeletal alignment of the sitting posture.  By clearly imaging our skeletal architecture and understanding how the forces of compression and suspension act on our bones, we can bring our structure into alignment with the forces of gravity and achieve a more effortless verticality.

Level 2 explores the internal support system of the organs, the four diaphragms (thoracic, pelvic floor, vocal and cranial) and their relationship with the breath. We also touch on the physical dynamics of walking meditation.

Enjoy a free intro class to Erika’s Online Physical Art of Meditation Course Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation Introductory Workshop

Somatic Meditation

This is a regularly offered online course that is a gathering of a community of meditators focused on integrating deep experiential knowledge of the somatic body into mindfulness/awareness practice. These one hour sessions will include Erika’s guided somatic instructions based on her book “Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation,” as well as the opportunity to practice together the heart of meditation as embodied presence.